Daniel Martynowicz
These are from my days as a college student at the Northern Star, Northern Illinois University's pride and joy:

These are in chronological order beginning in August of 2010. This collection represents an example of both my news reporting and Op-Ed / Column pieces.

Please click on a title to open a copy of that article.

The links shown below are to some of my earlier work at The Northern Star, which were removed from their servers before I could capture any quality images. My apologies for the scanned articles, but one in particular is well worth reading, and I'm particular fond of it. My article "What's Your Poison..." was named as a source for several other writers, and was also quoted on the floor of the Illinois Senate.

What's Your Poison?
'Pride' Unites Deaf Community
Alcohol Consumption Increases When Joined with Energy Drinks
Employee Assistance Programs Help Workers Manage Stress
Local Karaoke Singer Performs for a Cause
Tanning May Be Hazardous
IHOP To Replace Annie G's
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