Daniel Martynowicz


Hello, friends!

My name, as you may have guessed, is Dan Martynowicz. I'm a journalist and author who takes very few things seriously. My electric bill is not one of them. My writing is.

Since May of 2012 I have been employed by the Valley Journal located in Ronan, Montana. Prior to that I've contributed to The Northern Star, the student newspaper for Northern Illinois University as well as News By The Second, a Google News Service.

Did I mention that I'm an award winning writer? Excuse me while I pick that title up... I don't drop it often. Anyway...the Illinois College Press Association awarded me 
first place in the non-film critical review category...there, no more shameless plugs.

I love to write, make people laugh and make people think. This website serves as a platform for all my published works


Oh! Hey wait a second. Still here? Cool. If you should come across something which makes your blood boil or your heart sing, please let me know. I love any and all comments...positive or negative. I'll also respond to all e-mails personally.


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